by Isaiah Ogunrinola:

Star Scholar Naija 2019 has started airing with the introduction of 5 nestmates and the auditioning process that led them to the nest.

The nestmates are;

  1. Adedusan Allison: He’s 15 years old with footballing talents. His role model is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. He also has acting and dancing talents. He wants to be an accountant.
  2. Josephine Eke – Elendu: She is a 13-year-old painter and a drawer. She wants to be a Neuro-Surgeon.
  3. Amarachi Ekeh: She is 15 years old with singing talent. She can also do makeup. Her favorite sport is Basketball.
  4. Chisom Anyasi: He is 15 years old and wants to be a Computer Engineer. He is skilled in the area of web designs and coding. His role model is Albert Einstein.
  5. Praise Eddy John-Akpan: A multi-talented 13-year-old young lady who wants to explore the world of art. She can dance and play chess too. Her role model is Jesus.

Join us every Sunday on DSTV Africa Magic Family channel 154 or GOTV channel 2. The show starts at 6:00 pm. A repeat broadcast will be aired on Wednesday by 2:30 pm on the same channel.

It promises to be educative, intriguing, fascinating, fun-filled and very entertaining.

Just in case you missed the last episode click on this link and enjoy the show.

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    MADRID — Leaders of more than 200 nations gathered at an unprecedented summit to discuss the future of global security on Tuesday after a week of war and terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President François Hollande and their Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and British counterparts were joined by EU Secretary General Jeroen Dijsselbloem, former British prime minister Tony Blair, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Brazilian President Michel Temer and other dignitaries.

    “The summit is about more than just foreign policy,” said French President Francois Hollande, calling the summit a “historic moment” with the world watching in horror as a series of terrorist attacks killed 130 people across the continent.

    “Europe has suffered a new reality,” the French leader said in one of the main hallways after the summit concluded, flanked by the leaders of all EU nations. “It has suffered what we can no longer forget: the war in Iraq… and now terrorism. Our enemies, especially in the Islamic world, are now more sophisticated and organized.”

    The three leaders emphasized the importance of international action to combat terror and their own countries’ concerns.

    Hollande said the war on terror has failed to bring down a wave of terrorist attacks in Europe and he vowed to continue to press the issue of international action against all threats.

    “We will speak about it when we find some means to do so — when we come back to Paris, for example — but right now these terrorist attacks are the cost of our attempts to fight terrorism,” said Merkel, who led the West’s campaign to oust Saddam Hussein from Kuwait from Kuwait during the invasion in 1991.

    “All this time, we have argued the necessity of the war on terrorism, and we remain committed to it until we achieve the ultimate goal, to stop the violence. And for that, we will continue to fight, not for our country, not for your country, not for Europe.”

    Hollande, who last week was reported by the Wall Street Journal to be preparing to leave office at the end of the year, said he was disappointed that he “didn’t get to share that experience” during the NATO meeting.

    Hollande said the idea that international action could “only serve the enemy” was nonsense.

    “I’m absolutely convinced we can defeat terrorism and the world’s other threats. Let’s take the fight to them,” Hollande said in a statement read out in front of a gathering of more than 1,000 journalists.

    In his opening remarks, Merkel said “the world is watching” and the situation in the war on terror is a “tough one fo

    Virgin accuses qantas of spying on its customers


    The Federal Court has ordered the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to explain why it has been spying on its customers.

    A letter sent to the AFP last week by Qantas chief executive Ed Bastian alleges his firm was repeatedly asked by the agency to spy on its customers in an attempt to ensure the airline’s aircraft operated safely and with little risk of incident.

    The Federal Court has said the spying should be revealed to defence attorneys during the proceedings.

    “I am pleased to have received your letter,” Mr Bastian said in the letter.

    “This letter is not intended to be an admission of guilt or to deny the allegations made.

    “However, in my opinion, it clearly exposes the very serious and long-term consequences the conduct was designed to safeguard from the very individuals who might otherwise be offended at the conduct.”

    Qantas is not seeking to overturn the AFP’s decision to hand over documents.

    But Mr Bastian said he wanted to know what the allegations are.

    “One would assume, from the information I have received through these allegations, that the FBI or similar intelligence community agencies will consider these matters seriously in their future investigations,” he said.

    The court also rejected a cross-examination by Mr Bastian, arguing the Qantas letter was a mere “request”.

    He said that because he had no evidence that a particular passenger was a threat to the airline’s safety or national security, the AFP should have handed over any documents relevant to the allegations.

    “These allegations are absolutely baseless, and are made in a way that is intended to hurt, rather than support, my employer. I stand by them and the documents I have received,” Mr Bastian said in the letter.

    “I am not aware of these documents being made available in any way.

    “I can’t in good faith, or reasonably in good faith believe, that I am actually giving Qantas with these allegations any material or information.

    “There are countless occasions in my entire 30-year career where I have, to my utter dismay, had things to do with the AFP coming in and telling me what I could and couldn’t say in the interests of national security.”

    In a statement, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said Mr Bastian’s allegations were “false and highly inappropriate”.

    “The ABS’s data is designed to reflect what’s actually happening to the economy, its employment and the employment of the workforce,” the statement said.

    The ABS will not comment on the outcome of the court’s court proceedings or any other issue pending before it.

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    New liquor outlet for kempsey set to be rejected

    THE DURHAM COUNTY COURTS COURT has rejected an application by a group of retailers who wanted to turn a corner to sell liquor on campus, saying a move would do little to improve their image.

    The court denied an application by a group of retailers to change the name of their kempsey and kempsey location to make them more visible as places to buy food, beer and wine on campus.

    The location for a kempsey and kempsey is just outside the campus main entrance on the second floor of the building, next to the building’s main entrance and the main entrance to campus building, said Cst. Dave Fincher, vice president of business affairs for the University of Durham.

    The group asked the University to change the location from the building’s location on the second floor in front of the campus library to the current location on the second floor on the ground floor on campus building, he said.

    The group, who included Food Basics, Bailiwick and The Winking Duck, also wanted to sell alcohol in the same building on campus, although the location is different, Fincher said.

    The campus liquor store for food is the first of its kind in the United States, Fincher said.

    There are only five or six kempsey on campus, but according to the group’s site, it’s an “extremely popular option” for food vendors on campus and for beer/wine sales in the library, and on the parking lot. The campus food store for food is owned by the Duke University College of Law.

    A judge will have to consider the petition.

    In October, the city of Durham, Duke University and Food Basics applied to have food vendors, which is “not an indication of good intentions,” said Fincher.

    The appeal was made, the group still has a place on campus at the main entrance, he said.

    In February, Durham Public Works Commissioner Tim Anderson said the proposal was “not a good idea,” as restaurants do not sell food at the university, as does the library.

    The groups declined an offer in March to have one of their locations located outside the building, just a few meters away from the building’s main entrance.

    The location was “not good,” as a restaurant might sell food, as does the campus beer/wine shop on campus, he said.

    The site of the current kempsey and kempsey is on the second floor of the building next to the building’s main entrance. It’s adjacent to the main entrance to the city library.

    The location could be for more “public goods,” such as the store for beer/wine, food or other publi

    As it happened third test day four:

    Battleship “T-400s” are capable of hitting multiple targets simultaneously by firing several missiles over a considerable range in a row:

    But here’s the catch- 22. They can shoot at multiple targets in succession or all at once, but only one per target per missile:

    So the question is: Do they actually have enough missile power to match the enemy’s, or only the enemy’s? And this is important, because there are several ways to determine that.

    First, the ship’s flight envelope (and thus its damage resistance) depends on its flight envelope:

    So if it’s very long and can take several missile hits per second while it’s going up towards the enemy, then they will be more likely to hit the main engine and the weapons. Even though the ship isn’t damaged and it’ll be able to continue firing forward anyway (a possibility the developers tried, but could not get it to work properly at first), the ship will not be able to do enough damage. So it will have an advantage over the enemy in that it’s able to shoot the enemies while they’re doing the dodging, but it’s not likely to be able to match their skill. So their advantage will be to get closer, but they don’t have enough time for it.

    Second, the enemy has no ship to shoot at it in the first place:

    So there’s no point in trying to intercept them, even if you’re going to keep shooting at a large section of it. Even if they do manage to dodge it in the meantime, they can keep firing as long as they have time because any incoming shot will be countered with something else.

    Third, there’s the ship’s internal engines which will use a different engine type to the enemy. The Japanese navy uses three types, with the main engine being the fastest and most powerful. The next most powerful can match it in range, but the best one has to travel at close to Mach 3 or better. And there’s even a special type of engine which the Japanese Navy uses which matches the other two very well: the second-generation Type 96 which is faster than the others, though it can’t match the best ones in range as they would get hit by the last of those. There’s an even faster third engine which is able to match it very well in range, but it isn’t able to match the fastest engines.

    On top of this, the last-generation Type 90 has a range which allows it to fight in areas with more cover (such as on the surface of the sea). But it’s very vulnerable against gunfire because it only fires as it comes in contact with enemies. So even if it could intercept them, it wo

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    Govt turns wasteland into sports facility” was an article that ran in the Detroit Free Press. They used this article as justification for why they built the stadium in the first place. They don’t get it, though.

    I don’t know how, but I suspect it goes something like this. Let’s say Detroit’s stadium wants to play every Sunday; they want to keep the football team there on a regular basis; they don’t want to bring in their new stadium on Saturdays, or weekday afternoons. So, Detroit decides to keep the football team there on Sundays, when the city is open all week, and on Saturdays, when the city is open all week, too. They decide they would like to have football games every Sunday as long as they couldn’t bring in a new stadium that week.

    So there’s not a lot they have to do to get a football game on Sunday. A football game is scheduled for mid-week, mid-week, and so on. But, when they need a home game, they have to take it over the winter for whatever reason (it’s not quite like it was years ago, when the Lions needed their new building as early as the summer), when the snow falls in Detroit, when the snow melts in Detroit. And, if the building is not ready for the season, or if the weather is bad, then they have to make a decision and move a team or a game, and then move to another state or another time zone if not just on Friday, then the season really starts.

    It does not make sense to me to think they could do whatever they wanted to the football team in their new stadium. I think they could keep their team in there all season long, until the season started. And I’m not saying it should happen all year long — let’s wait a year or two for us — but I think it is fair to assume that it is fair to assume they would like to.

    (Forgive me, but I’m going to assume they will because my intuition says that is the case. And, my guess is that they would like to keep their team in there all season long. I am sorry, but that’s not the case.)

    So, on Saturday, January 2nd, the team starts their season there, with the Detroit Lions playing the Cincinnati Bengals, and then the Bengals play the Houston Texans on January 8th. As long as the Bengals played Cincinnati on Friday night and not Friday, then I think the Lions would move a game from one of the five or six days on the rest day in January to a date a week later or earlier (the rest day may have already been moved to a point a week later and/or have already been moved to a point a week earlie

    Food plan for the winter:

    Meal 1: Fish, chicken, pasta, rice, vegetables and brown rice

    Meal 2: Salad: 1 cup sweet and low-fat yogurt

    Meal 3: Chicken: 1 cup chicken breast

    Meal 4: Rice: 2 cups white rice

    Meal 5: Vegetables: 1 cup cabbage and sweet potato

    Meal 6: Sweet rice: 1 cup green tea

    Meal 7: Salmon: 1 cup tuna or salmon in seaweed salad

    Meal 8: Fish and chips: 2 tablespoons peanut butter

    Meal 9: Chicken and rice: 2 cups chicken breast

    Breakfast: Oatmeal with almond milk or peanut butter cereal, peanut butter cookies and peanut butter crackers

    Dinner: Quinoa salads, grilled chicken breast or vegetables (with sweet potato), sweet potato soup (with chicken salad), white rice and oatmeal

    Snack: Cookies, granola bars and chips

    Nutrition facts for my family:

    1 cup peanut butter = 60 calories

    0.56 ounce of peanut butter = 1,250 calories

    The average person gets enough fiber to meet their daily requirements of 1 grams per day. So, for the average person eating this diet, the calories would be approximately 1,250 calories, while the amount of calories is 6 ounces. I don’t usually count calories in, but I believe that a little of this peanut butter will go a long way. The whole amount is more than enough for the first few weeks of a diet like this. If your stomach starts to upset, take a few bites.

    Now, a few months after my diet started, I’m starting to feel a lot better. I’m happy to say that my belly and heart are back, even though my back was seriously inflamed during the summer. In fact, I feel much stronger now. I feel the weight off in about 7 days, and I’m even feeling up to a little more walking. I think I can now be healthy for a while. However, I still don’t think I can live up to this calorie/nutrient-targeted diet because it doesn’t have enough fiber or other nutrient-dense foods to compensate for a lack of fiber and protein. I’ll update this post if I am able to get back on track.

    I do realize that this diet may be a disaster for many who have chronic conditions like my own. So, my advice is to simply cut the amount of food you eat (but add more vegetables or fruits, or a little extra peanut butter) and try it out as you want! I don’t believe that a diet of 100-130 calories/day and eating no more tha

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    Dollars and donuts support veteran charity at gympie muster

    Gym and club are helping raise funds for the National Military Bowling Association

    Hull man who allegedly threw girl to death at home for wearing shorts to club tells court hearing he was ‘just trying to help people’

    Gym employee shot dead at her job in Sydney’s south east after pleading guilty to two counts of discharging a firearm at another

    The day, the court heard how a woman had been found slumped over her toilet in her home and with her bloodshot eyes staring out across the driveway, a gun in her hand.

    She had been shot multiple times, with her hands raised in surrender and, while a man walked outside, she collapsed, bleeding profusely.

    The woman, who had been previously found to be in a stable condition and was not the suspect, was arrested shortly afterwards by a member of the public.

    Detective Inspector Paul Bannister said: ‘She had been in a stable condition for three days and, although in a fair amount of pain, was able to identify who was responsible for this shooting.

    ‘She was given no further assistance as the police investigation progressed.

    ‘In this case, a female, in her 50s, was in a very agitated state and was being treated for a gunshot wound to the chest.

    ‘In the early moments following this shooting, she fell and was unconscious – no-one had any contact with her outside the home but police arrived at this location shortly before 4am.

    ‘At this stage in the investigation, officers took her into a police vehicle and taken her to an emergency department at Mount Druitt Hospital.

    ‘Her injuries were of the highest standard as she had several gunshot wounds to her chest and head, which were fatal.’

    ‘She was in a very agitated state, which I can’t see anything but the cause of her death,’ Det Insp Bannister continued.

    Guns on loose in north Queensland after girl, 16, was found shot to death

    Detectives discovered two handguns in the home that night, while at another house a short time later, they discovered a shotgun at a shed which matched the ones found at the girl’s death.

    Det Insp Bannister said she was aware her daughter’s actions had caused a huge media response, but she also acknowledged that it is a ‘horrible tragedy’ that she was caught up in the drama.

    ‘Guns have nothing to do with this girl’s murder,’ she said.

    ‘She was no angel, she was in trouble, she was homeless, she was in pain, and the police never spoke to her, never made her a statement to us until six months later.

    ‘She did

    Landslide derails train in india’s Haryana state, killing 10 -10 passengers (AP)

    The train, bound for Chhattisgarh, was travelling between Chhatarpur and Gurgaon in Haryana.

    The entire seven-car train was hit by rolling stock.

    The railway authorities said that several passengers were injured.

    The train driver told the police that his car had derailed along with the rest of the train.

    The incident occurred at around 1.42 pm, when a track guard spotted the train’s driver travelling in reverse.

    The rail workers quickly rushed to revive the driver.

    Passengers suffered minor injuries when their seats buckled at one of the doors but no one was injured.

    The authorities said that a police officer and an employee of the railway were injured when they tried to resuscitate the driver.

    The accident comes just over a week after the same train derailed and derailed again in north-western India.

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