I am Victoria and this is my verdict. I grew up with my mom and siblings and you would ask where is my father? That is a long story. he left my mom when she was pregnant with our last born… According to my mom, he was tired of the responsibility, funny 😀right? Yes, it is.

I am the first daughter of my mom of 3 girls. My mom is a petty trader and earned very little at the end of each day, I assisted her in her business because there was no chance of going to school in our condition. But we were able to save some money from our little earnings to send my younger sisters to school.

Our whole lives were ruined in just one night…The sad tale happened one day after our daily sales while I and my mom were heading home along the street. We got attacked by robbers who stole all our money and raped my mom right before my very eyes. They tied my hands and legs together as I watched them tear her clothes off. I went into tears and there was nothing I could do to stop them. When they were through with the assault on my mom, it was my turn. My mom begged them in her faint weak voice to spare me but the blood-sucking monsters did what they wanted. They broke my virginity and ruined my life 😔. After all this was done, I and my mom laid helpless on the floor with no one to help us.

My thoughts ran as I discovered that my mom was losing consciousness. I screamed and ran for help but no one came to my rescue. I watched my mom died slowly in my arms as I bled seriously. I called out; mom! mom!! mommy!!! but there was no response. Her last words were; ‘take good care of your younger ones’. I wept there for hours before a few folks came to help me up while my mom was buried right in our compound. For days, I and my younger sisters couldn’t eat. “our tears became our bread”. 6 months after the death of my mom, things were very difficult for me and my siblings. We could not survive on our own. I was only 11yrs old and the eldest. I begged on the road for arms and I was severally molested by men. Rape became a norm for me. I became a sex doll to men as I had no one to guide me. I did all I did just to make sure I kept my promise to my mom to protect my siblings but I still failed at it because I lost another family 😔😓😔. One of my sisters died whose name was Karly. It happened one fateful day that I took them along with me. she ran into a vehicle and was hit badly. My life was crumbling that I almost gave up. I was 18 at the time. I stopped letting men abuse me because I realized that I had a choice to choose whether to be a sex slave or be productive for myself. I chose to be productive by being a voice to the voiceless because I and my siblings were part of the voiceless. From the little money I had gathered, we started selling pepper and little by little things began to pick up. We started a foundation for hopeless girls who suffered the same fortune. We named it after my mom. We eventually got sponsors🤝 but little did I know that I was already terribly infected because I noticed blood coming out of my private part frequently. I couldn’t see a doctor because I was scared of the humiliation. I wanted to help other girls but I couldn’t help my self (my last wishes were to be with my loved ones in heaven )

🌹 The end

Written by Tega Kasoro – One of the top participants of the ‘Tell your story’ contest on our Facebook page.

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    I always believed in you Tega
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    My baby 😊
    What’s the inspiration behind this great story

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    I love looking through a post that can make people think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

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    Love this

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    Waw this is almost happening in life nowadays nice writes

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    but to me this is the quintessential rolex.

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