I wasn’t brilliant at school. Starting from when I was a kid in primary school but as time passed I entered secondary school. Still wasn’t doing very well academically and socially.

I ended up becoming a border in secondary school, my parent hoping I could be more serious. My hostel was very bad and my school has a special hostel for the first four highest scorers in exams. I wanted to enter the hostel. It was called chevron hostel.

Students in Chevron were treated specially and respected by all. To make friends with them was a big deal in my school and if you were lucky to be friends with them you will be admired by other students.

I tried making friends with Chevron students but they were treated too special so I couldn’t even get close to any.

Before we slept at night we were all going to gather and talk about Chevron students in my hostel.

I finally met one of them after school that day but as I tried approaching him he gave me a very bad look making me realize I wasn’t among them.

I felt bitter and I was determined to enter Chevron the next term. I went to the library during break instead of going to the tuckshop to buy snacks. I made a timetable for myself. I woke up at night to read. Every time before I started to read I made sure I told GOD my mission and aim and told him to help me out.

I watched a Korean movie at home, whenever the protagonist felt bad she told her self GANGHAN GANGHAN which means you are STRONG whenever I felt depressed or the stress was probably too much on me I told myself Basit GANGHAN GANGHAN. That word just really put me back together.

The next term I came fourth position in the class. I was so happy but I guessed my mom was the happiest I wasn’t expecting her to praise me that much and take me to different extravagant occasions just to show how proud she was, always telling me I could do better.

I finally entered Chevron and was now among the special students. Other students in my previous hostel were looking up to me and were eager to also make it to chevron just like I did. I had to socialize myself which made me friendly with everyone even those that weren’t in Chevron.

Award and prize-giving came and my name wasn’t mentioned, I felt so bad because the first three overall best for the year all came from my class I had the chance to be among because the difference between the third and my score was 2 marks. At least I have learned to never take a single mark for granted because the winners were given scholarships. I felt so bitter this time and I buckled up. I read harder and I had to sacrifice a lot of things. My sleeping hours were shorter and I skipped some of my meals just to make sure I received a prize the next year

When it was the next year my name was called as the overall best and I received six different awards with two scholarships. I was the talk of the whole school. Things kept on happening and I became the head boy.

The Chevron student who looked down at me then came to apologize but I thanked him because he was one of the reasons I worked harder. He became the assistant head boy and we had to work together.

Who knew a student who wasn’t intelligent from primary school would end up becoming the head boy in his secondary school.

In a nutshell, I am just trying to let you know that fate gets to change and you can be anything unimaginable. If you believe in it do not leave it.

Story written by Adeyeri Abdulbaseet – Winner of our ‘Tell you story’ contest on facebook.

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  1. Bernice

    Wow, wow, wow. Nice and touching story. So proud of you. It runs the family’s blood. Continue the good work dear

  2. Anonymous

    Good one…. a story for every student, and something I personally need at the moment 😢😢💞

  3. Anonymous

    Very nice story

  4. Nobody

    Very nice story

  5. SMS

    These are actually great ideas in concerning blogging.

  6. Tee

    Beautifully written. Masha allah🥰✨

  7. Anonymous

    Keep up the good work dear!

  8. Lyonne

    A refreshing change from the cliché stories nowadays. Awesome👌🏾👌🏾

  9. Lyonne

    A refreshing change from the cliché stories nowadays. Awesome👌🏾👌🏾

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